Fishing in Guanacaste

Fishing in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Fishing trips from Guanacaste, Costa Rica, offer some of the top sportfishing planet Earth. Billfish abound all year long, though certain times of the year are better than others for sport fishing trips from Guanacaste. Costa Rica anglers agree that April through September see the most billfish, but you will have to go a bit farther out the rest of the time.

You will find a solid fleet of boats here, many of which are based in Playas Coco, Tamarindo or Flamingo. To book a solid 37-footer for $1,000 a day, send email to Fishing Guanacaste, Visit to book your fishing charter while you visit Tamarindo.

Billfish Bonanza in Guanacaste Fishing

Depending on where the bite is on the day you go out, you might head up to the waters off Nicaragua, or south down as far as Nicoya. Either way, you’ll go at least twenty miles from the shore to get to the marlin, sailfish and tuna.

Since the Four Seasons resort opened here, many of the boats that once went south around December are finding enough business that they stay in this area.