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Come and fish with us on the Central Pacific and Beautiful Los Sueños at Herradura Bay. Sight cast to schools of giant Marlin on our pristine Flats. Experience the thrill of seeing the strike and hang on for the Sailfish runs. This is definitely not for the faint of heart!

We deliver the best variety of sportfishing for your expectations

Pacific zone of Costa Rica has the fame as having one of the largest populations of sailfish found anywhere in the world and Wild Fish Costa Rica is right in the thick of it. 

It is this sensational light equipment saltwater species, as well as other larger species, that bring anglers from all over the world to this fantastic fishing location,  we suggest the best in marlin, sailfish, tuna, Wahoo, Snook, roosterfish, snapper, tarpon, and other species.

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Whether you are looking for a Full Or Half Day Fishing, bottom, fly or deep sea fishing our fleet of Charters boats and captains are ready for you


Discover the old Costa Rica; within a short driving distance of both Los Suenos and Jaco, you will find yourself immersed in the beautiful jungle.

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Experienced drivers that offers private services for both, individual and groups, integrated with qualified personnel and bilingual conductor.


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Costa Rica Fishing Experts offers what we consider the best Fishing Charters fleet on the line for Costa Rica, Los Suenos and all of Costa Rica. Costa Rica Deep Sea Fishing with over 15 years of experience just can’t be beaten.

We offer many packages to choose from, and the most common is for you to tell us what you want. If we don’t have a trip to meet your needs, then we will make it.

Costa Rica sportfishing Vacation

Wild Fish Costa Rica, travel specialist and can arrange your whole Costa Rica Fishing vacation, including, hotels, tours and transportation.

We will customize your vacation to maximize your experience in our interesting Costa Rica.
Costa Rica’s central Pacific zone has better been known for its world class species sport fishing.

We catch and release hundreds of billfish all year.
Here in Costa Rica never wait for the fish to come to us; we go were the fishing is hot. On any given trip on board we fish for in shore species

Costa Rica is an angler’s dream come true.

Types Of Fish In Costa Rica

The fishing around Jaco and Los Suenos is just about as diverse and exciting as you are going to find anywhere in the South Pacific.

While boasting world class fishing for just about everything the South Pacific is known for, the area is especially well known for its numbers of large Pacific Sailfish, usually averaging around 120 pounds. We do catch the occasional small sailfish weighing in at around 80# as well as the larger fish with 160# or even 180# not being all that uncommon.

The angler who does his homework, though, knows that the area is much more than just the sailfish haven that makes it famous. The area holds good numbers of Blue Marlin, Black Marlin and Striped Marlin and of course there are lots of Dorado (Mahi Mahi) reaching 70 pounds fairly regularly.

Coco Island lies offshore of Quepos and is one of the largest spawning grounds for Yellow Fin and Big Eye Tuna known to man. Both Yellow Fin and Big Eye Tuna over 200# and up to 300# are caught here every year and at the right time of year, the 30 to 60 pounders are pretty dependable with the 100-150’s always close by.

Wahoo, one of my personal favorites, swarm around the offshore mounds and shelves that make up the underwater terrain.

Rooster Fish are by far the most highly regarded fish amongst the Pacific’s inshore enthusiasts. These fish are taken commonly in excess of 40 pounds and 50’s and 60’s are a weekly occurrence.

Snapper (aka Pargo) fishing can be as much fun if not more than anything. We catch them both inshore and off and we have many more different types than I will mention. The big guys are the Cubera Snapper and while the norm are 20# to 40#, we catch them to about 70 pounds. Then you have the red and mutton that rival anything you will ever put on the dinner table.

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A full day Fishing

Every angler’s first encounter with a blue marlin is an unforgettable experience. Whether the strike ends in a hook-up or a miss, the vivid electric blue of an excited marlin will be indelibly etched in the angler’s mind forever.

Feel free to bring some of your gear and break it in on some of the hottest spots along the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. Sailfish are abundant, and Marlin in all sizes will tag a line with no warning. Roosterfish will display nothing short of a prize fight and give you a taste of hot fishing like no other. Costa Rica Sport Fishing trips are warm and virtually wind free year around.

We offer many variations of charters ranging from a half day catch and run up to three days and four nights of severe fishing and fun. Multi-day packages include lodging and travel. You will have at your disposal all the equipment needed for inshore and deep sea fishing with both fly fishing and conventional tackle.

If you’re interested in other sports like hunting, freshwater fishing, local adventure tours, or completely submerged in some jungle location that took days to reach, then let us know. He will guide you with the use of inland rivers, camouflage, hiking and camping gear to an experience that only dreams are made of. Note: These trips are not for everyone. If it’s outdoors in Costa Rica.

In the Pacific coast Costa Rica, right near of some of the best offshore SPORTFISHING structure.

Our fishing season in Costa Rica is almost year-round and is consistently good from November through August.

While your not fishing, this region of Costa Rica has some of the best eco-tourism attractions available Our Charters Boats offers you both light and heavy tackle for the different species found on Costa Rica’s Central Pacific Coast. If you are looking to fishing in Papagayo era you visit the Playa Hermosa Fishing Charters section of https://papagayofishingcostarica.com to book a fishing trip in Guanacaste

These boats are great for both inshore and offshore fishing year round.

Offering a shaded cover and a cabin to shade you from the hot sun, Fishing Charters are also equipped with a GPS, Color Video Sounder and VHF Radios. Both the captain and mate are a well-experienced fisherman and bilingual for your convenience. These boats are a truly Fishing Machine.

When Visit the country you can rent a car use a public bus, but we highly recommend Costa Rica Private Transportation Services for a more relaxing vacation, you can ask the driver to tour you around for a great price.

Costa Rica Fishing Vacations

To many it may be a surprise, but Costa Rica fishing vacations aren’t something every person is looking to do. However, their are many people out there would enjoy nothing more than a relaxing day of fishing in this vacation hot spot.  Costa Rica fishing vacations are guaranteed to excite any fishing enthusiast. It’s beautiful country with friendly people and great fishing to go with it. Costa rica fishing vacations can be easy to plan, and we’ve put together some of the most frequently asked questions on this page.

Whats So Good About Costa Rica Fishing Vacations?

Now ”real” Costa Rica fishing vacations basically consist of renting a small (or large) charter boat to take out and try your luck at sea. No matter what your budget or group size, there is a fishing boat waiting in the harbor for you. The fishing industry there is growing rapidly each year, and people booking Costa Rica fishing vacations show no sign of slowing down.

Are Costa Rica Fishing Vacations Really a Good Idea?

First of all, vacations are almost never a bad idea. And Costa Rica fishing vacations are a perfect match for those who enjoy sport fishing. It’s just better! With it’s beauty, Costa Rica offers many activities for everyone traveling with you. Costa Rica fishing vacations can truly be fun for the whole family. Numerous boats with great captains will ensure you and your group can reel in as many massive fish as you can handle!

Costa Rica Fishing Vacations – Where To Go


Both coasts have plenty of fishing to make all Costa Rica vacations worthwhile, but the Pacific coast definitely has more action. The main reason being you can fish year round on the Pacific coast.

Flamingo and Tamarindo are the most popular sport fishing areas on the north Pacific side for Costa Rica fishing vacations. You can find some great local captains and even American captains chartering out of Potrero, Coco Beach, Brasilito, Ocotal and a few other spots, making the north Pacific coast a great spot for costa rica fishing vacations.

Just north of Jacó, you’ll find Los Sueños Marina, one of the nicest marinas south of the US. This and Quepos are the main fishing locales in the central Pacific area. Quepos is another very popular spot for Costa Rica fishing vacations.

On the south Pacific coast is Golfito, located on the east side of Golfo Dulce. This is the largest town in southern Costa Rica. Golfito, along with Drake Bay and Puerto Jiménez are the main fishing centers of the region. This area has sailfish and marlin during the peak seasons, and amberjack, wahoo, mackerel, and big snapper if you move closer inshore. Costa Rica fishing vacations are very big business here for those trying to catch these fish.

As you can see, most of the hot spots for Costa Rica fishing vacations are on the Pacific coast, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any fish on the Caribbean side! This actually makes deciding where to go a difficult decision.

The Caribbean coast of Costa Rica can fussy. Fishing varies day to day depending on the weather, so Costa Rica fishing vacations are booked less here. It rains often quite through Jan-May, making it difficult to fish offshore. However, you always have a good chance of catching massive tarpon, many in the 150 lb+ range. Snook are plentiful in this area as well. The Caribbean side is really great for tarpon, which makes the Caribbean coast a great choice for those planning Costa Rica fishing vacations.

No matter which coast of Costa Rica you decide to visit, most Costa Rica fishing vacations won’t be easily forgotten!

Costa Rica Fishing  Vacations- The Facts

Costa Rica has some of the finest deep sea fishing in the world. Those who take Costa Rica fishing vacations get the chance to catch marlin, tuna, wahoo, tarpon, dorado, sails, and snook year round! This world class fishing year round, a beautiful country with almost perfect weather and nice locals, make costa rica fishing vacations popular for people from all over the world.

Another point to remember, is both visitors, and Ticos (locals) must have a fishing license to fish in the ocean or inland. Most Costa Rica fishing vacations include these licenses in their packages, but if you’re traveling on your own, you’ll need to get one yourself.

Since most tour companies sport fishing companies offering Costa Rica fishing vacations follow a strict “catch and release” policy, the diversity of fish you can reel in is truly unbelievable. Even though Costa Rica fishing vacations are thriving, they won’t let tourism destroy the beauty of the country or degrade the survival rate of local species.

Without a doubt, any angler from around the world would enjoy this tiny country, which is what makes Costa Rica fishing vacations so popular in the first place. Another great thing about the country being small; you’re always close to San Jose. And it only takes you 30 min of flying to reach either coast. All these things considered make Costa Rica fishing vacations an excellent choice for those that enjoy fishing, so take one and enjoy it!

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packages are nothing short of the absolute finest fishing packages in Costa Rica at the most affordable prices. Here you’ll never have to second guess whether you are throwing your money at that proverbial “boat ride”. 

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All our clients are thoroughly screened after every Jaco fishing charter and their feedback is our most important link to what is going on on each boat.

Los Sueños Resort & Marina

Los Sueños is located on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica about two hours from San Jose. It is nestled between the beach of Playa Herradura, just south of Jaco, and the rainforest. It features a 200-slip marina, 18-hole golf course and the luxurious Marriott Hotel with seven restaurants, casino, tennis courts, and beach club. 

Los Suenos has the largest marina in Costa Rica. Nearby Jaco is a lively town with many hotels, restaurants, and an active nightlife.

With only a short 1-hour drive from the San Jose international airport or about 1-1/4 hours from downtown San Jose, you can be on the dock and ready to head out for a day of fishing in the almost always calm waters that only a “Dreams” charter at Los Sueños can give you.

fishing charters los suenosWe have created this site in an effort to supply up to date information about the best of the Los Sueños charter boats. The boats I promote have steady crews that will speak English and treat my clients with respect and do their best to not only provide the fishing action, but make sure a great time is had by all.

Before booking your Costa Rica sport fishing charters , drop me a line for some honest advice and assistance with the preparation of your Costa Rica fishing vacation.

Booking your fishing charters late often has many downfalls. When you arrive in Costa Rica in the middle of the season and go to charter a fishing boat, you aren’t necessarily informed that the good ones have probably been booked up for months and depending on how busy the town is, your agent could be scrambling for boats that are way down at the bottom their list.

Fishing means way too much, and an occasion as special as an opportunity to go sport fishing in Costa Rica does not deserve any second guessing when deciding which boat best fits your groups needs. 

The boats on this site have proven over and over again that they will bring my clients back to dock glad to have fished with them. Our reputation is on the line each time you fish with us or on a boat that we recommend. I’m not going to gamble with less than the best, are you?

Truly amazing fishing experience

Our Costa Rica Fishing Charters offers you both light and heavy tackle for the different species found on Costa Rica’s Central Pacific Coast. These boats are great for both inshore and offshore fishing year round.

Offering a shaded cover and a cabin to shade you from the hot sun, Fishing Charters are also equipped with a GPS, Color Video Sounder and VHF Radios.

Both the captain and mate are a well-experienced fisherman and bilingual for your convenience. These boats are a truly Fishing Machine.

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