Costa Rica Sport Fishing times and Fishes

Costa Rica Sport Fishing times and Fishes

Costa Rica is an incredible spot for fishermen. Why? Well, initial of all for its idyllic weather that permits fishing all year long; and conjointly, as a result of all of its water attractions: 2 oceans, lovely lakes, and many rivers.

Besides, another great point regarding having Central American country fishing vacations is that, because it is Associate in Nursing little country, you’ll be able to do recent and saltwater fishing within the same visit as a result of the short distances between one fishing destination and also the alternative.

Mahi Mahi Fishing

With fishing tours offered in most of the regions of the country and with even some sport fishing packages specially designed for fishers and their families, Central American country is while not a doubt one in every of the most effective places for beginners and skilled fishermen.

Sport Fishing in Northern Pacific Coast

Marlin: Caught monthly of the year, particularly from time period to early March, then deceleration somewhat from April into early June once it picks up once more, peaking in August and Sept.

Sailfish: Caught throughout the year, with might through August ordinarily the highest season. they’ll begin to skinny call at Sept, with the slowest months running through Gregorian calendar month.

Tuna: Peak months area unit sometimes from August through October, however, there’s nearly always tuna any time of the year. Yellowfin and large eye tuna over 350 pounds area unit generally found in Catalina Islands, half-hour or less from the beach.

Wahoo: Caught in restricted numbers throughout the year, the simplest showing begins concerning the time the rains begin in might, peaking in July and August. Most area units caught around rocky points and islands, however, you’ll decide one up often fishing offshore additionally.

Dorado: a lot of properly referred to as dolphin, these colorful gamesters area unit most rife from late might through October once the seasonal rains flood the rivers that perform junk, forming trash lines shut inshore they wish to lie beneath.

Roosterfish: Caught all year however a lot of simply from October through March, within the Papagayo Bay space, and round the islands.
Sport Fishing in Central Pacific Coast

Marlin: October is generally the highest month for Spearfish during this space, however, September and Nov also are smart months.

Sailfish: From mid-December to the tip of a Gregorian calendar month is rated because of the best season, however, the massive faculties typically move in October.

Tuna: Found throughout the year as they’re right along the seacoast, however most voluminous from Gregorian calendar month through September. Most area units from eight to twelve pounders, however a dozen or additional over two hundred pounds and perhaps another twenty-four within the 100- to 200-pound vary area unit taken once a year.

Wahoo: Pretty rare within the space around Quepos, however additional voluminous within the late summer farther south, particularly the Drake Bay and Caño Island space from late Gregorian calendar month to early August.

Dorado: Best action begins with the rains that begin in late might and wash trash from the watercourse mouths, making the inshore trash lines that the dolphin likes to lie beneath.

Roosterfish: Exceptional at the mouth of the Parrita River; Palo Seco between Parrita and Damas; simply outside Damas; off the mouth of the Naranjo River; around the points at Dominical Beach and throughout the Drake Bay space. Best fishing is throughout the summer months, from Gregorian calendar month through early September.

Snook: Best spots area unit simply off the numerous watercourse mouths on the coast, up against within the Sierpe watercourse, and within the massive Sierpe lake. The Pacific world-record black robalo was taken in the Gregorian calendar month, within the mouth of the Río Naranjo on a charter with Captain Jim Geary. though it’s a brand new workplace, the most effective month’s area unit from Gregorian calendar month through Nov, throughout the significant time of year.

Costa Rica Tuna Fishing

Southern Pacific Coast Sport Fishing

Marlin: August through December is high season, however associate degree occasional blue or black is also taken any month if the water temperature is up.

Sailfish: Exceptional fishing from December through March. typically slows from Apr into early June, then picks up once more and begins to peak in August or Sep.

Tuna: Best fishing for the larger ones corresponds with billfish and sailfish season, however, the faculties will nearly invariably be found outside.

Dorado: Best runs area unit historically from late might through Oct.

Wahoo: Not exuberant, however, associate degree occasional wahoo is also taken most any time of the year.

Roosterfish: This region is legendary for its massive roosters and that they are often caught virtually any month of the year, some areas unit nearly one hundred pounds.

Snook: Caught all year, however best from middle or late might through Gregorian calendar month and January and Gregorian calendar month.
Caribbean Coast Fishing Sport Fishing

Fishing on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast will vary additional from in the future to a different than from month to month and also the best places square measure restricted to Tortuguero and Barra del Colorado.

Traditionally, malacopterygian fishing is promoted by lodges on Costa Rica’s geographical region from Gregorian calendar month through time period whereas robalo peak from Sept through November. however the fish square measure there year-round, and it’s largely a matter of weather, which may amendment night long. the season starts concerning the time period, and the action slows for a short while because the dirty water sweeps out of the rivers.