Surfing in Costa Rica

The Best Surf is in Costa Rica

Costa Rica surfing has gained the attention of surfing enthusiasts all over the world. There are about 785 miles of pristine coastline, two-thirds of which is on the Pacific Ocean and one-third on the Caribbean. Both coasts have wonderful waves and idyllic beaches. When you decide to vacation in Costa Rica, you need to inquire as to whether the resort you choose has surfing nearby.

Surfing in Costa Rica
Surfing in Costa Rica

The tourist season in Costa Rica is from May to November, but there is no restricted surfing season. You can surf all year round on the Pacific coast, but there are often storms on the Caribbean coast that make surfing impossible. Book Surf Lessons Here 

If you have never surfed and would like to give it a try, there are Costa Rica surfing schools at many of the resorts. Here you will learn all about the offshore, onshore, and cross-shore winds and the different kinds of waves they cause.

You will also learn surfing terminology such as the meaning of “point break”. A point break is a kind of wave that rolls over rocks, but there are also beach breaks and reef breaks. The reef breaks that roll and break over a coral reek are the ones you usually see in movies and surfing videos.

If you are looking for the perfect Costa Rica surfing locations, there are two that are particularly noteworthy – Playa Naranjo and Potrero Grande. There are many spots that you can get great surfing that is close to resorts.

There are also beaches with excellent surfing that are only accessible by boat or four-wheel drive vehicles. Some of the beaches allow you to camp overnight so you can take advantage of all the great waves, while others are for day use only.