Sport fishing for deep sea monsters

Costa Rica sport fishing for deep-sea monsters

fishing costa ricaCosta Rica sport fishing – for deep-sea Costa Rica sport fishing at its best, pop offshore on the Central Pacific and go bill fishing for marlin and sailfish on your vacation. Tuna, mahi-mahi (dorado) and roosterfish are caught all year ’round off the Pacific coast. Jaco Beach, Los Suenos area is home to the top Costa Rica sport fishing action.

Caught year ’round, these monsters arrive in huge numbers from mid-November through March. Pacific Blues, blacks and occasionally the striped variety are taken all along the Pacific coast.

Costa Rica sport fishing marlin pictures

Also caught year ’round, sails show up in big schools from May-August. Perhaps the most acrobatic of all deep-sea fish, sails often spend more time in the air than in the water.

Peak months are August- October. Yellowfin and some Bigeye tuna are found well inside the Santa Catalina Islands near Playas del Coco. You can frequently find concentrations of 40- 60-pound tuna, though 200-pounders are caught ‘year round.

Also known as mahi-mahi, the Dorado is one of the most exciting gamefish you can catch on light tackle. A hooked dorado may leap or tailwalk, first in one direction, then another. It’s been estimated that they can reach speeds of 50 mph. A colorful, hard-fighting fish that makes delicious eating, dorado are plentiful from May-December.

Peak months are May-August. Wahoo is usually caught around the rocky points and islands, where they swim alone or in small schools. Fishermen consider it one of the ocean’s finest delicacies.

The many species of snapper prefer a rocky bottom structure that provides baitfish and protection. The Cubera is the largest of the Pacific snappers, often going beyond 100 lbs. Snappers are tough fighters on light tackle and excellent eating as well.

Available year ’round, but the best time from November-March around Papagayo Bay. An aggressive predator, the roosterfish is always an exciting catch, but they put up a tough battle.