Nature Travel

If you want to see the best of Costa Rica nature, travel to the Monteverde cloud forest. The Monteverde rain forest has more than 100 species of mammals. There are 5 different species of cats, over 500 different kinds of birds, and thousands of insects and plants that you won’t see anywhere else in the world. The most thrilling experience in a trip to Costa Rica would be a sky tour over the canopy of the rain forest. The Children’s Rain forest offers great bird watching opportunities and you may get to see the sloth.

A Costa Rica nature travel tour is the choice of many tourists who want to get a close-up look of the flora and fauna of this beautiful country in Central America. They book a tour through one of the many companies online and off, that make all the reservations and have guides for all the tours. When you book this type of tour, you only have to take care of making the flight reservations to and from the nearest airport with flights going into San Jose, Costa Rica. The cost of the tour includes all your accommodation in Costa Rica and transportation while you are there. It can also be all-inclusive, in which all meals and drinks are included as well.

If you want to do things on your own, you can fly to Costa Rica and book individual Costa Rica nature travel tours from your base in San Jose. There are many one and two-day excursions available by contacting one of the many tour group companies located within the city. If you to travel to Costa Rica during the tourist season – May to November, you should make your reservations in advance because this is a busy time of year. In the off-season, it is easier to get guides because there are not as many tourists, but you will have to contend with periods of rain each day because this is the wet season.