Marlin Greyhounding

Costa Rica Fish – Marlin Greyhounding
Greyhounding and tail walking are the most common, yet spectacular, moves seen in sportfishing.

This marlin is seen “greyhounding” across the ocean on the Pacific side of Costa Rica, which sport fishing enthusiasts say has some of the best offshore action on the planet. Sails often perform the same tactic, striving to break free from the hook.

When a billfish greyhounds, it moves forward and pops in and out of the water in an effort to shake loose the hook. This gives the appearance that it is practically racing along the water’s surface. An experienced angler knows to respond to the situation in the same manner as if it were tail walking: aim the rod’s tip at the bill and keep reeling to maintain tension.

The captain also makes adjustments in the heading and speed of the boat to reduce the chances that the fish will break free. When fighting a really big billfish, the captain actually uses the boat’s engines to gradually pull it closer.

Some boats will take a video or digital photos of the action for a reasonable fee. Even if you have your own camera, this is a good idea, because the crewmember will be able to better gauge the timing of a fish’s jump after it descends below the blue.