Costa Rica real estate

The best way to purchase Costa Rica real estate is through a real estate agent. Trying to do it by yourself could mean that you would be risking your hard-earned or borrowed money. There are many professionals in Costa Rica that will help through the government regulations and paperwork to help you have a safe and enjoyable purchase. Either the Costa Rican Chamber of Real Estate Brokers or the National Association of Real Estate Brokers is a good place to start. These organizations are quite large and have licensed brokers at their disposal.

You have to find a broker that specializes in the Costa Rica real estate you want to purchase. You need to find someone familiar with the area and one that will make sure that the title to the property is carefully researched. Before you start, you need to inspect each of the properties that are listed for sale. Most of the properties are what real estate agents call “raw”. This means they do not have electricity or roads for them. You have to be prepared for the additional costs of having a road put to your property and put in the water, electricity, and telephone. There are also developed properties on the market if you want to pay a higher price.

Papagayo Real Estate

When you find what you think is the ideal beachfront property in Costa Rica,Visit to find out more at you should stay for a while to see how the beach changes during the day. What looks idyllic in the morning may change dramatically as the day wears on. The high tide may fully engulf the beach in water so that you will not be able to use it in the afternoon. You also need to know how the property changes during the wet season – for example, does it become more swamp than land?