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Bachelor Party in Costa Rica

Bachelor Parties Costa Rica

Bachelor Party in Costa Rica So, you’re finally getting married. It is probably going to be one of the best and most important days of your life; however, the bachelor party is an equally important occasion in my opinion. After you are married, you probably aren’t going to have as much time to spend with … Read more

Costa Rica Sport Fishing times and Fishes

Costa Rica Sport Fishing times and Fishes Costa Rica is an incredible spot for fishermen. Why? Well, initial of all for its idyllic weather that permits fishing all year long; and conjointly, as a result of all of its water attractions: 2 oceans, lovely lakes, and many rivers. Besides, another great point regarding having Central … Read more

Where to go in CostaRica

Where to go in CostaRica Costa Rica is a peaceful country and a tropical paradise for tourists all over the world. Tourism is the biggest industry and a vacation to Costa Rica is the opportunity to live all the glory of this Rich Coast. Tourists can enjoy the sunny beaches and see whales and dolphins. … Read more

Costa Rica tourism

Some of the many attractions of Costa Rica tourism Costa Rica tours will take you to the most beautiful places in the country. Usually, tourists come to Costa Rica to experience its unparalleled tropical landscape. That’s why most tours in Costa Rica focus on trips to the many National Parks or beaches. Costa Rica tours … Read more

Costa Rica retirement

what you should know about Costa Rica retirement Many people choose to retire in Costa Rica after their very first visit. Costa Rica retirement appeals to many people for various reasons. Some of the reasons for choosing Costa Rica as a retirement destination are purely economic. Utility bills, especially the cist if air-conditioning, are much … Read more

Costa Rica real estate

The best way to purchase Costa Rica real estate is through a real estate agent. Trying to do it by yourself could mean that you would be risking your hard-earned or borrowed money. There are many professionals in Costa Rica that will help through the government regulations and paperwork to help you have a safe … Read more

Nature Travel

If you want to see the best of Costa Rica nature, travel to the Monteverde cloud forest. The Monteverde rain forest has more than 100 species of mammals. There are 5 different species of cats, over 500 different kinds of birds, and thousands of insects and plants that you won’t see anywhere else in the … Read more

Surfing in Costa Rica

The Best Surf is in Costa Rica Costa Rica surfing has gained the attention of surfing enthusiasts all over the world. There are about 785 miles of pristine coastline, two-thirds of which is on the Pacific Ocean and one-third on the Caribbean. Both coasts have wonderful waves and idyllic beaches. When you decide to vacation … Read more

Costa Rica Vacations

Costa Rica is a tourist paradise. People who enjoy lush, tropical landscapes and stunning beaches will enjoy what Costa Rica travel has to offer. Besides its famous natural beauty, Costa Rica also offers traveler-friendly, hospitable people (the Ticos) and interesting cities like San José. Traveling to this fantastic country is an experience you will not … Read more